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World Class Customer Service Isn’t a Myth

World class customer service isn’t a myth, and it doesn’t happen by accident. World class customer service takes intentional thought, consistent reinforcement and constant communication. Aristotle once said, “Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high … Continue reading

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Wishing you a very Happy Holiday!

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Germs 1,300. Hand Dryers 1.

Ever since the invent of the modern, high speed hand dryer there has been much debate about which is better – paper towels or hand dryers? With today’s technology, high-tech hand dryers have been proven to offer superior cost and … Continue reading

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Unisex restrooms: What’s a cleaner to do?

Unisex restrooms are becoming increasingly more common in schools, restaurants and other public facilities across the country. Unisex restrooms are already mandated by law for single stall restrooms in businesses and public places in West Hollywood, with San Francisco and … Continue reading

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Are your profits on thin ice?

Rock salt (sodium chloride) is one of the most common and inexpensive deicing salts, but did you know that it can cause the most damage to your carpets, floors and concrete walkways? Every visitor who sets foot in your building … Continue reading

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Is Your Facility Ready for the Holidays?

  You have enough headaches this holiday season. Your janitorial services shouldn’t be one of them. You deserve a first-class customer experience – impeccably clean facilities, service that consistently goes above and beyond and helpful staff that is responsive to … Continue reading

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Cleaning Alone is Not Enough. Keep Building Occupants Healthy All Year Long!

Ah-choo! October marks the beginning of flu season. During this time of year, it’s more important than ever to provide a clean, healthy work environment for building occupants, visitors and employees. Cleaning alone is not enough. The flu virus can … Continue reading

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It’s budget time! You want the best service at the best price – who doesn’t? A janitorial services partner can help optimize your budget to save you time, money and headaches! Cost control is a serious issue and is the … Continue reading

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Make Your Property Shine in the Summertime

Do pedestrians and commuters admire your property as they go by or “tsk-tsk” at the poorly-kept exterior? If they avoid looking at your building because of graffiti, grimy windows or overgrown landscaping, you might want to do something about it. … Continue reading

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The Value of Day Porters

Your night-cleaning crew is doing a magnificent job and you are proud of them. But who takes care of overflowing wastebaskets or malfunctioning toilets during the day? Who cleans up spills from occupants of the buildings? What happens if a … Continue reading

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